Guidelines, Policies & ARC Exterior Modifications

Submittals for exterior modifications can be submitted directly to the onsite office OR online via Smartwebs – An Online Submittal Process for Exterior Modifications: Log in to your Resident Portal. For a step by step guide, click the following flyer link.

Guidelines & Policies:


Always submit for approval PRIOR to beginning any modifications to the exterior of your home and yard. This includes color schemes, design schemes and materials, structural additions and landscaping changes. Please don’t assume that because “everyone else has done it” that your project doesn’t need approval. If you are unsure whether you need approval or not, call the office at 480-545-7740.

Requests should include the following: site plans clearly showing the big picture (entire lot) including orientation and relativity to other neighbors, lakes etc. In addition, there should be a zoomed-in detail of exactly what exists now (pictures) and what changes are proposed (drawings, if appropriate). All building material specifications and samples should be supplied. Incomplete applications cannot be considered for Architectural review.

Sub-Associations Prior Approval:

For residents who live in the following: Charter Point, Coral Reef, Costain, The Falls, Laguna Shores, Paradise Cove, Sandcastle and Seawynds must have Sub-Association approval prior to submitting to The Islands. Please include your approval letter from your sub-association with your request.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Meetings:

The ARC meets on a monthly basis, typically on the first Wednesday of each month to review submittals received for improvements, alterations, repairs, excavation, grading or other work which in any way alter the exterior appearance of property or improvements, including landscaping. All submittals are due the week prior (Last Wednesday of the month) to the ARC meeting.  All other submittals received after the deadline will be placed on the agenda for the next month’s meeting. No approvals or denials will be made outside of the regularly scheduled meeting. Your cooperation and understanding will ensure that The Islands continues to be the exceptional community that each resident desires.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Deadlines:

All submittals are due by the last Wednesday of the month for the following months meeting. All forms need to be signed by the owner of the home. Please provide as much detail as you can on your forms, include photos, brochures, pamphlets and drawings.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Decisions:

Decisions are made at the meeting, if enough information is provided. The ARC may disapprove any application if there is not sufficient information submitted to exercise the judgment required by these guidelines. Decisions are mailed to the homeowners the following business day.

Exterior Painting:

Exterior painting requires an approval by the ARC each time you paint your home. Therefore, since each approval represents a one-me approval, you must submit your chosen colors for approval even if they may be the same colors, prior to repainting.

  • The Association has 26 pre-approved color schemes for exterior painting. If you choose one of these pre-approved color schemes, the onsite team can approve upon completion of the form.
  • If you choose your own neutral color or mix & match between schemes, the ARC will review it at their next monthly meeting.(Paint chips must be submitted.)
  • Dunn Edwards provides homeowners of The Islands with a discount, if you mention this community as the place of residence. 
                 Locations for Dunn Edwards stores are:
                         –   North Gilbert: 1221 S. Gilbert Rd, #10 480-539-3313
                         –   Chandler: 2190 W. Chandler Blvd. #E 480-899-4141
                         –   Val Vista: 1514 E. Ray Road, 480-857-2647
  • Sherwin-Williams discounts vary. Ask for current discount for Islands residents. 
                 Location for the Sherwin-Williams store is:
                         –   663 W Warner Rd, 480-726-9135
  • Ace Hardware, an Islands Commercial Property, can also make the paint colors on our approved color schemes from Dunn Edwards or Sherwin-Williams.