Permits are required for Fishing & Watercraft and are available for residents, as lakes are private.

Community Lake Use Rules and Regulations

The Lakes within The Islands Community are private lakes exclusively intended for the personal use of individual property owners (or their long-term property lessees) and shall not to be used in any fashion for a commercial or profit-making activity or enterprise, or for on-site or watercraft-mounted advertising/promotion of any type. These Rules and Regulations are meant to protect residents and their guests.  Please respect them for your benefit as well as that of your neighbors.  –Your Board of Directors


  1. The lakes are not treated for swimming; therefore, swimming in The Islands’ lakes is strictly prohibited.


  1. A valid Islands’ fishing license shall be always displayed while fishing from land or on a boat on any of The Islands’ lakes.
  2. Fishing is by catch-and-release only.  Please properly dispose of deceased fish, if necessary.
  3. Please use single – pointed barbless hooks only.
  4. Fishing lines cannot be unattended and a maximum of two poles per person will be allowed.
  5. Fish in The Islands lakes are not meant for human consumption.
  6. An Islands Community Permit is required and can be obtained at The Islands onsite office.


When boating on The Islands lakes, do so at your own risk. The Association is not responsible for any damage or injuries, including but not limited to damage to boats, docks, etc.

  1. Boating is restricted to owners, residents, and their guests.
  2. All watercraft operated on any of The Islands’ lakes must be registered with the Association, whether stored on or off the water.  Registration stickers must be attached above the waterline on the side, front or back of the watercraft. Watercraft registration is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  3. Watercraft size shall not exceed twenty-one (21) feet in length and no more than nine (9) feet in width.
  4. It is recommended that watercraft owners and operators maintain public liability insurance covering water and boating hazards.
  5. Water vessels must use the community’s permanent dock ramps for entry to or exit from the lakes.
  6. Each property can have up to three watercrafts visible from lakefront property. Canoes and kayaks are the only permissible watercraft that may be stored out of the water.
  7. Watercraft shall be factory-made by a reputable boat manufacturer and shall be Coast Guard approved.
  8. No internal combustion engines designed for propelling watercraft shall be permitted to be mounted on or carried aboard watercraft while in any of The Islands’ lakes (except for converted motors).  Watercraft propulsion methods are limited to electric motors, sails, oars, and paddles.
  9. Nothing, including watercraft, shall be tethered to the lake wall.
  10. Watercraft operated after dusk shall show a white light visible from 360 degrees.  Utmost caution is required to preserve safety and serenity. No loud music shall be permitted to be played or originate from any watercraft.
  11. The use of watercraft that lack permanently installed navigational lighting (e.g,. Kayaks, paddle boats, canoes, etc.) is prohibited except during daylight hours.
  12. Paddle boards (surf/boogie boards) are prohibited.
  13. Swimming pool-type watercraft floats, inner tubes, wind sails and catamarans are prohibited.
  14. It is up to each individual Owner to ensure that their watercraft is equipped with flotation sufficient to float craft and crew when awash. 
  15. It is up to each individual Owner to ensure that safety-approved preservers for each crew member and passenger are available on board all boats at all times, and that any and all other necessary safety precautions are implemented and observed.  For health and safety reasons, individuals under eight (8) years of age and non-swimmers should wear life preservers whenever boating. 
  16. Watercraft shall be tethered so as not to encroach onto neighboring lakefront properties or to impede navigation.
  17. Watercraft shall not be operated so near the shore of the lakes as to unnecessarily disturb the owners or residents or otherwise create a nuisance.
  18. The only acceptable anchor for The Islands Community is a 10lb Mushroom anchor. Any other anchor including the rubber coated river anchors are unsafe for lining of the lake, as well as anchors with blades, teeth, or extendable arms.
  19. Anchors should be no more than ten pounds maximum weight.
  20. Remote control watercraft are only allowed if they are registered with a watercraft permit to an Islands resident.